How to Feel Blissful, Have More Energy and Better Sleep

This conversation is invaluable for anyone who wants to feel blissful and energised, enjoy better sleep and elevate their overall well-being.

Today Cassie chats with Dylan Smith, co-founder of One Eleven Health, Ayurvedic practitioner for over a decade, holistic health educator, and keynote speaker. Dylan is a visionary in the holistic health field, renowned for his dedication to ancient healing traditions. With a profound passion for Ayurveda, he advocates incorporating its timeless teachings into modern life. Dylan frequently travels to India to deepen his knowledge with a family of world-renowned Ayurvedic doctors and shares this through his practice.

In this episode, Dylan shares insider secrets to help you feel blissful, boost your energy, and improve your sleep from an Ayurvedic perspective. We chat about practical Ayurvedic techniques, the significance of daily routines, and the transformative power of aligning with natural rhythms. Dylan shares his personal experiences and insights, providing a roadmap for those seeking holistic health and vitality.

If you’re ready to enhance your energy, improve your sleep, and embrace a state of bliss through ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, or if you’re on a journey towards holistic well-being and seek guidance from a passionate advocate, this episode is for you.


After years of living in a busy world of stress and imbalance, Cassandra started exploring Ayurveda and Vedic Meditation, and swiftly transitioned to a life brimming with vitality and serenity. Driven by this personal metamorphosis, Cassandra embarked on a mission to share the wisdom of higher consciousness and holistic wellbeing with others. Immersing herself in Vedic studies and aligning with nature's rhythms, Cassandra prepared the groundwork for One Eleven's inception.

Dylan is a visionary in the realm of holistic health. With his unwavering passion for ancient healing traditions, he has emerged as a prominent advocate for Ayurveda. Through his role as the founder of Vital Veda, Dylan offers profound insights and pragmatic wisdom. His journey into Ayurveda was sparked by a fervent desire to share the transformative potential of this ancient science with the contemporary world. Dylan possesses a comprehensive expertise that encompasses not only traditional Ayurvedic principles but also extends to pulse diagnosis, herbal medicine, and tailored well-being protocols.

Together, with their own unique set of skills and passions, Cassandra and Dylan created One Eleven Health, where they continue to thrive, immersed in the exploration of Ayurvedic principles and sharing this with others.


  • Insider secrets to help you feel blissful, boost your energy, and improve your sleep 
  • Practical Ayurvedic techniques 
  • The significance of daily routines
  • The transformative power of aligning with natural rhythms


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