We deliver you with the highest value of unparalleled quality and precision, because you deserve the best.

Our products are of the highest quality and potency, and made with the right dosage amount to be able to have therapeutic benefit in the system. We have surrendered a portion of our profits so we can deliver you high quality ingredients and blends, in the most luxurious packaging and experience possible, because you deserve the best! Each part of the product has been crafted consciously and designed with the intention in mind of providing you with the highest value experience possible, experiencing a taste of luxury that resonates with optimal health for your everyday life. Our brass canisters have been designed to reflect the utmost luxury and quality that the herbs are symbolic of.


Preservation of the ancient wisdom and knowledge of Ayurveda

One Eleven’s products are based on the principles wisdom of Ayurveda, the oldest system of healthcare in the world, which has been preserved and handed down for millenia. Ayurveda takes a preventative approach to wellbeing, treating the whole person and addressing the mind, body and spirit. It is a holistic way to view health, aligning with the time-tested principles of nature and recognising that we too are a part of nature itself. Our focus is on enlivening perfect health and restoring balance, not simply treating symptoms of imbalances as a result of lifestyle. Our vision is to see everyone enjoying perfect health, creating a new world where disease is not in our vocabulary. Creating a quality herbal formula by combining a range of ingredients is a very advanced process in Ayurveda. Herbal formulation is not as simple as choosing seven of your favourite herbs that help with a condition and combining them to create a formula for this condition - it doesn’t work like that! Whenever you combine herbs their qualities and properties synergise to create a renewed end product. This is why most herbal formulations have been designed thousands of years ago by Seers and Sages (Rishis) who were in high states of consciousness with sophisticated intelligence. Our formulas, originally sourced from the classical Ayurvedic scriptures, are designed by a renowned family of Ayurvedic doctors, distinguished Vaidyas, that have been healing for generations, whose unique formulas may be traced back to over 13 generations ago.


Honouring the sacred process of harvesting, purifying and formulating just as nature itself intended it.

At One Eleven we are pedantic about only using superior herbal preparations in our recommendations and treatments for clients. This means hygienic, purified and tested herbs that are gentle and harmonious with the body and mind while being potently effective and healing. The complex synergy of herbal formulations should create a holistic balance in the final end-product to mitigate any unwanted factors and create harmony in the physiology. Most of the herbs we used in our formulas are sustainably wild-harvested. We work with indengous tribes in India who forage herbs from dense, untouched forests. These forests are not only lush with mineral rich soil and exuberant flora and fauna, they are in the proximity of certain temples, places of worship, holy rivers and sites of profound historical significance. These holy sites have been imbued with “mantras” (primordial sounds) for millennia and fuse with the raw forests that grow on auspicious lines of the earth’s electro-magnetic field. Precious herbs grown in wild forests with high vibratory power. This is where our herbs come from. Once harvested, the way herbs are processed and procured into their final product is a very important stage of the process. Once our herbs are harvested, they have to undergo a specific processes called “Shodana Samskara” in Ayurveda, which translates to “purifying the “scars” or impurities” out of the herb. Today, most of this knowledge of “Shodana Samskara” is lost and hence not utilized, however this is a missing component of the equation for the potential to procure potent herbs.

This process of purification removes any heavy metals that could have infiltrated through the soil or polluted environments nearby, as well as mitigating any undesirable pathogens, mould and bacteria. The purification procedures we use not only purify the herb, but also enhance the potency. The mechanisms of the procedures we utilise vary greatly, but mostly always involve using other herbs to purify certain herbs. This process is carried out multiple times and possibly using different herbs each time. These purification procedures are always done at times in accordance with Jyotish (vedic astrology) in order to gain support from nature as the vibratory fields of the cosmos help enhance the nectar-like qualities in the herbs. In addition to this, mantras (primordial sounds) are utilised during these processes which embed higher healing vibrations into the micro-organisms and wakeful consciousness that are in the herbs. The formulas are made and mixed together while specific mantras (primordial sounds) are chanted inwardly by the medicine maker.

The actual procedures of mixing are also important - certain geometrical directions mixed a certain amount of times allows for the architecture of the herbal making process to align deeper with nature’s creative intelligence. These methods help infuse the herbs with higher healing vibrations. These vibrations resonate with the micro-organisms and molecular networks present in the herbs to enliven it with greater lifeforce, known as “prana”, so it can penetrate the human physiology for greater healing and nourishment. The mixing and combination of herbs are also done at times in accordance with Jyotish (vedic astrology) in order to gain support from nature as the vibratory fields of the cosmos enhance the nectar-like qualities in the herbs.


Aligning our practices and products with the principles of nature, and what is best for the planet.

Each formulation is created in a way that benefits all of us and the planet, from the growing process through to the way it is put together, each step involves a series of rituals, mantras, and is done in line with Jyotish (Vedic astrology).

Our products at One Eleven are 100% vegan and cruelty free. As part of our value of honouring and having reverence for nature, it is our commitment to create herbal formulas that involve no harm to the planet or animals.

Unfortunately, some of India’s mountain ranges and forests that home some of Ayurveda’s precious wild herbs are being unsustainably stripped to over-harvest the wild herbs. In addition, land is being cleared in order to farm herbs, making it more challenging to find wild-harvested herbs. At One Eleven we nurture these sustainable harvesting practices by producing a sustainable amount of products only, and have future plans to generously donate to the preservation of endangered herbs in India through projects we have in the pipeline.

As individuals who make up the collective consciousness of the company, we each individually endeavour to live as sustainably as possible. We have gone to great lengths to design packaging that is re-usable and recyclable which we will continue to innovate upon. Although we are a new company, we have also begun the process of eventually becoming certified as carbon positive which involves the support of a socially and environmentally conscious organisation supportive of preserving the Amazonian rainforest.


Empowering you with time-tested wisdom enabling you to enjoy greater health than you once thought possible.

When you look around the world today it can be easy to see that even though we have never had more access to information, we are only getting sicker. It is our mission to bring to light again the long-forgotten wisdom we all have inside about how to harness our body’s innate wisdom and healing capabilities. As well as ample education on the products themselves, one of our core values is empowerment through knowledge of all things health and wellness, focusing not just on curing disease, but how we can in fact prevent it in the first place, by prioritizing our health every day. Dylan Smith, our Co-founder who is an Ayurvedic practitioner and holistic health educator will be providing lots of free content through multiple touch points for you to absorb, apply and enjoy. Rather than focusing on disease, Ayurveda enlivens health. It reminds your body and mind what it is to be healthy. Even if you have had a chronic disease for decades or a terminal illness, the memory of health is there, and it has to be enlivened. When that sense of health is restored and re-established, disease ultimately dissipates. At One Eleven, our mission is to empower you with these ancient and time-tested principles of health so that we can shift the way we view health as a collective, envisioning a world where perfect health is enjoyed by everyone each day as our birthright, rather than something we only think about if we get sick.


Easily and seamlessly incorporating elite health products and practices into your daily life.

We believe that truth and beauty are contained in the elegance of simplicity, and that health does not have to be complicated, in fact, it should be simple. Our ethos is to empower you with simple practices and products that fit easily into your daily routine, offering information and education on how to use your products, when and especially how to integrate them into your daily life. Our simple, sophisticated collection of products each have specific purposes and multiple benefits, so you can take less products. Our packaging and customer experience will be designed to be effortless and fow; the idea of having a beautiful brass vessel is so that you can have your herbs on display in your kitchen or bathroom to remind you to take them, easily refilling your vessel with recyclable refill packs to make the whole process effortless and to limit unnecessary waste.


Donating generously and with gratitude to support the health and wellbeing of all people.

Each purchase you make contributes to us donating a % of profit to supporting those in need. In order to promote greater balance collective wellness, we donate a percentage of all our profits to two missions: