“You deserve the best. Never feel unworthy or not justified in having the best. I tell you, this is your heritage, but you have to expect it; you have to claim it. To do so is not demanding too much.” - Guru Dev, Swami Brahmananda Saraswati


You deserve the best. To feel your best, be your best and give your best. And we created One Eleven Health to remind you of it. We believe everyone on this planet deserves to enjoy perfect health and vitality, just as nature intended it. Through our premium quality authentic Ayurvedic health products and sharing of ancient wisdom and education, it's our mission to empower you to claim your best, daily.

We share with you the highest quality authentic Ayurvedic health products you can get, without having to take a pilgrimage to India. We uphold the integrity and authenticity of Ayurveda, presented in a simple and beautiful way that fits easily into your lifestyle. We only create products with love, in ways that serve us and our planet.

One Eleven Health is a holistic wellness brand that harnesses the ancient unparalleled wisdom of Ayurveda into a simple core range of essential outcome-based health supplements for the mind, body and spirit that easily slot into your daily routine.


When we look around, it’s easy to see the effects of being disconnected from nature on the wellbeing of our world today. When did we lose touch with the wisdom of our ancestors and ancient civilisations about how to live, how to eat, and how to love ourselves and our planet? One Eleven Health was born with a vision to reconnect us back to the source of this wisdom, and remind you of what you already know deep inside - how to enjoy perfect health and balance. Our goal is to see every human being on planet earth happy, healthy, informed and empowered. 

Through rekindling the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda in your consciousness, you’ll start to remember an ancient but familiar song about how to live in perfect balance and alignment. We believe that a preventative approach to wellness is truly the right path. Our vision is to change the way we approach health as a collective, through education and empowerment with long-forgotten wisdom about nature’s principles and our body’s innate healing capabilities. 

Join our vision to support the preservation of the wisdom and integrity of Ayurveda, the health system that aligns with the principles of nature. Our mission is to see every human being enjoy perfect health through empowering them with high quality health products and education of the oldest form of healthcare, Ayurveda.