Eleven Limiting Beliefs Standing In The Way Of You Having A Blissful Mind And Body

This episode is ideal for anyone interested in working through limiting beliefs that stand between you and healthy, blissful living. 

For this episode it’s just me, Cassie. I co-founded One Eleven Health with Dylan and serve as the podcast host. I’ll be delving into 11 limiting beliefs that might be hindering your progress towards your health goals. We'll chat through how to implement change and maintain a consistent routine that yields tangible results, fostering transformation across mind, body, and spirit. By the end of this episode, you'll gain insight into any underlying thought patterns that could be holding you back, leading to self-sabotage. Think of it as a myth-busting session aimed at dismantling inner barriers and paving the way to your bliss.

This episode is for anyone seeking to unearth and conquer self-sabotaging patterns in their health journey, aiming for sustainable change, boundless energy, improved sleep, and optimal well-being.


Before the inception of One Eleven Health, Cassandra moved in the world of modelling and business, co-founding her first business, an award-winning sports and wellness supplement retailer, which was later acquired in 2019.

From this busy world of stress and imbalance, Cassandra started exploring Ayurveda and Vedic Meditation, and swiftly transitioned to a life brimming with vitality and serenity. Driven by this personal metamorphosis, Cassandra embarked on a mission to share the wisdom of higher consciousness and holistic wellbeing with others.

Immersing herself in Vedic studies and aligning with nature's rhythms, Cassandra prepared the groundwork for One Eleven's inception. She is a certified Psych-K facilitator, which is a modality of psycho-somatic healing, that helps to rewire limiting beliefs and transform stress in the subconscious mind.

Through meditation and inspiration, she forged connections with like-minded partners and investors, all committed to driving positive change. Cassandra's journey, fueled by a passion for holistic health and Ayurveda, culminated in the creation of One Eleven Health, where she continues to thrive, immersed in the exploration of Ayurvedic principles.


  • Gaining insight into underlying thought patterns
  • How to implement change and maintain a consistent routine
  • Fostering transformation across mind, body and spirit


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