Meditation & Community with Jesse Israel

This episode is for those ready to amplify their inner potential, feel inspired and energized by someone truly dynamic, explore group meditation's transformative power, and understand meditation's impact on our nervous system.

In today's conversation, we connect with Jesse Israel, the visionary mind behind The Big Quiet, a leading meditation movement. As a globally recognized meditation leader, keynote speaker, and leadership coach, Jesse, dubbed "The Meditation Expert" by The New York Times, has orchestrated global meditations alongside figures like Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra. In this episode, we delve into Jesse's personal evolution, the origins of The Big Quiet, his transformative journey from panic attacks to alignment, the impactful realm of group meditation, and the synergy of meditation and community for nervous system support. Jesse imparts coaching insights, explores the intersection of consciousness and commerce, and inspires those seeking empowerment. Dive in and prepare to 'turn up your inner wattage' with Jesse.


Jesse Israel is the founder of The Big Quiet, a mass meditation movement, and is a global thought leader in combining with power of meditation and community. Distinguished as "The Meditation Expert" by The New York Times, Jesse has led expansive meditations globally, including tours with Oprah Winfrey and co-hosting broadcasts with Deepak Chopra. As an Audible Originals best-selling creator and Forbes Next 1000 recipient, Jesse collaborates with Grammy-winning artists and coaches influential entrepreneurs. Formerly managing the tech fund and record label Cantora, where he signed multi-platinum bands like MGMT, Jesse's expertise spans mindfulness, technology, and entertainment. On tour with Oprah, Jesse spoke at sold-out arenas and collaborated with Deepak Chopra for a global meditation with 150,000+ participants. His clients include major companies like Google, Twitter, American Express, Spotify, and Adidas. Jesse Israel isn't just a meditation leader; he's a visionary shaping the global landscape of mindfulness and well-being.


  • Jesse’s personal evolution & meditation journey
  • How he went from panic attacks to living in alignment in every area of his life and leading a global movement
  • All about ‘The Big Quiet’ and how it came about
  • The powerful effect of group meditation
  • The sometimes bumpy phases of the meditation journey
  • How to live in alignment
  • Nuggets of wisdom he uses in his private coaching
  • Effectively marrying the conscious with the commercial
  • His top tip for starting to transform your life, today!


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