5 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress & Increase Bliss

This article is so much more than how to reduce, release and rectify stress, it's an education on bliss! I'm about to share with you some ways to not only help you live stress-free, but to live blissfully...

What Actually Is Bliss?

We don't want to feel bliss. In fact, we actually are incapable of feeling true bliss!

This is because bliss is the Absolute. Bliss is actually part of the unmanifest field of Totality. The Unified Field of Pure Consciousness which everything comes from. The field of the unmanifest. Believe it or not, the state of bliss is actually a state on nothing-ness.

Nothing in the field of bliss exists except for the one indivisible whole field of consciousness.

Instead of nothingness which Bliss technically is, what we really want to experience is the richness of life that arises from that field of nothingness, or that field of Pure Bliss.

So what do we want?

We want to contact bliss and then feel bliss-ful.

Regularly contacting bliss in your life increases your capability to metabolise whatever stress inevitably comes your way. 

Plus, this blissful nature that you have acquired oozes out of your face and “aura” and radiates this attractive energy to anyone who comes in near proximity of you.

People who come into contact with a blissful person get a hit of positivity and happiness. They get a hit of bliss! They become inspired to do good in life and to radiate a similar blissful state for everyone. You know the feeling which we've all experienced being in the presence of someone like that.

What greater gift is there in life to uplift others towards a positive and blissful mental and emotional state?

I have personally seen and witnessed this phenomenon on an astonishing level with enlightened Rishis (seers/sages) and Yogis, who are experiencing life so close to the state of bliss 24/7.

As a result, they are exuding blissfulness at colossal (yet suitable) amounts, which saturates the nervous system of anyone who is lucky enough to merely be in their close proximity or even better, connect eyes with them.

I have seen some extraordinary shifts in the physical, mental and spiritual health of people who been fortunate to contact these extremely blissful humans.

That being said, it is actually very easy to contact bliss, and if done regularly, can help imbue a blissful nature where stress becomes a mere short-term event that can easily be removed, just like brushing dirt off your shoulders.

Here are 5 ways to reduce stress and increase a state of blissfulness:

  1. Meditate

Fundamentals first. Meditation is not only the easiest, quickest and most effortless way to reduce stress and experience bliss, for most people, but it is also the most effective.  

Mediation can help get rid of deep stressors like trauma. Especially a technique where you transcend the body and mind and arrive at the state of Bliss, for that moment you are experiencing life free from any physical, mental or emotional burdens or traumas. Twice a day (we recommend practising meditation twice a day), one’s body and mind is provided with a “free zone” from these traumas.

Regular practice of a technique like this causes that “free-zone” experience to normalise. Living a life less stressed and increasingly blissful may cause these traumas to fade away and eventually, they can become removed from the cellular memory of the biology.

We recommend a meditation technique where you can easily transcend the mind, such as Vedic Meditation.

  1. Ayurvedic Herbs for the Nervous System

There are group of Ayurvedic herbs known as “Medhya” which for thousands of years have been used to heal and uplift the mind and nervous system.These “medhya herbs” are effective at pacifying an over-active mind, and were traditionally used to support the mind into silence for deeper meditations. Over-active mental activity is so common in today’s “go-go-go” societies, and even occurs in those who consider themselves not-stressed.

One Eleven Bliss uses a variety of medhya herbs, which include adaptogenic herbs, that support the body to adapt and metabolise stress when necessary.

The herbs used in One Eleven Bliss were initially formulated for yogis who were doing long meditations to be able to sustain deeper periods of bliss. This is why when you take One Eleven bliss within 5 minutes before meditation, the experience of bliss becomes increasingly palpable.

One Eleven Bliss supports the body and mind at such a deep level that it can act before the symptoms of stress arrive, preventing stress from even manifesting into disease.

The intelligent herbal formula of One Eleven Bliss also helps reduce stress and promote a blissful state throughout the day during regular activities like work and social life.


  1. Pranayama (Breathing “Exercises”)

The prana (life-force) in our head, known as “Prana Vata”, governs the central nervous system and prana in the head. This seat of prana controls all movements in the head - pathways of thinking, cognitive action, hormonal secretions and thoughts.

Pranayama, which literally means “administering life-force”, is a branch of yoga that teaches breathing techniques to invigorate the whole body with Prana. Those who with an abundance of Prana have the capacity to easily “brush off” stressors that manifest in life.

Those with an abundance of prana (air element) have a greater capacity to connect with cosmic intelligence and thus, experience bliss. Taking the herbal formula One Eleven before practicing pranayama or yoga activates certain bliss chemistry in the brain which may usher the practitioner into cosmic bliss more efficiently and effectively.

  1. Self-Abhyanga (Self-Oil Massage)

Putting oil on your skin and giving yourself a massage is part of the daily routine in Ayurveda, called Abhyanga. The largest organ in your body, your skin, has more nerve endings that any other part of your body! So when you anoint yourself with oil and massage your body, you profoundly have the ability to pacify your nervous system. This significantly helps to reduce stress and has a particularly grounding effect on the mind and body.

A little technique to go deeper is to have a big pinch of One Eleven Bliss in hot water before or during your self-abhyanga to have a deeper experience of self-care, self-love and blissful indulgence.

Learn to do self-abhyanga here.

  1. Swim or Bathe In a Body of Water (e.g. Ocean or River)

When you are stressed, the molecules in your body are charged with positive ions. This means the molecular structure of your body is full of little stressed atoms and molecules that are emitting a “flight-or-fight” response or energy, which increases inflammation throughout your body. When your cells are resonating with the “stressed frequency”, physical and mental disease develops.

But there is a way we can counteract that.

In addition to all the techniques mentioned above, if you are to dip, bath or swim in a body of water, particularly salt water but really any body of water, this floods the body with negative ions. Mmmmm.... grounding negative ions.

These work to neutralise the positive ions that accumulate from various stressors in life.

So when you are feeling ungrounded, anxious, angry, or any form of stress, dip in a body of water, swim in the ocean, even have a shower or bath, and you may feel this stress reducing effect, which will pave the way for a blissful experience of the beauty in life.

To have a more blissful experience on a daily basis, shop One Eleven Bliss.


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