Tantric Sex with Diana Richardson

This episode is essential for those ready to explore the profound connection between spirituality and sexuality, and discover a whole new side to lovemaking. 

In today's episode, we dive into the world of conscious lovemaking and Tantra with Diana Richardson, a trailblazing figure who has dedicated nearly four decades to this transformative practice. With a wealth of experience as a revered Tantric sex teacher, bestselling author, and Ted X speaker, Diana has redefined intimacy and guided countless individuals and couples toward more meaningful and conscious approaches to love and sexual connection.

Diana's journey began over 40 years ago as a disciple of the renowned tantric master Osho in the 70s, propelling her to become a global thought leader in the field. Alongside her husband Michael, she continues her work as an international educator today, hosting renowned 'Making Love' retreats in Switzerland and training facilitators worldwide to disseminate their teachings.

In our conversation, we explore Diana's evolutionary journey with tantric lovemaking, clarifying misconceptions about Tantra, and delving into the difference between tantric sex and conventional approaches. We discuss how sex can be a portal to accessing the present moment, the keys to sexual fulfillment, and the transformative power of harnessing and retaining sexual energy for overall well-being.

We also touch on topics such as the significance of sperm, transforming the experience of orgasm, and practical tips for embarking on a conscious love making journey, whether single or with a partner.


Diana Richardson is a renowned Tantric sex teacher and practitioner who has been deeply immersed in the field since 1979 when she became a disciple of the Indian mystic Osho. With a background in therapeutic massage, Diana's journey into Tantra was sparked by her interest in meditation, touch, and healing. This exploration led her to delve into the profound union of sex and meditation, paving the way for her transformative work in the field.

Since 1993, Diana has been sharing her knowledge and insights by teaching Tantra to couples, blending her expertise in bodywork with spiritual practices to facilitate healing and connection. Diana has authored several acclaimed books including "Tantric Sex for Men," "The Heart of Tantric Sex," and "Tantric Orgasm for Women," among others. Beyond her writing, Diana is known for her dedication to holistic body therapies, emphasising the integration of massage and Tantra to enhance intimacy and pleasure.

Based in Europe, Diana travels extensively with her partner, hosting weeklong retreats for couples interested in delving deeper into the realm of tantric lovemaking. Through workshops, retreats, and one-on-one sessions, she guides individuals and couples towards a more meaningful and conscious approach to their relationships and sexual experiences. Diana's teachings emphasise the importance of presence, connection, and surrender in achieving profound states of bliss and fulfillment in lovemaking, making her a respected figure in the field of conscious sexuality.


  • Diana’s evolutionary journey with tantric lovemaking
  • Misunderstandings or misconceptions when it comes to Tantra
  • The difference between tantric sex and conventional sex
  • Creating an ongoing orgasmic state
  • How sex can be the ultimate portal to accessing the present moment
  • The key to sexual fulfillment
  • Hot vs. cool sex
  • How to harness and retain your sexual energy for your well-being
  • Why sperm is quite literally liquid gold
  • How to transform your experience with orgasm
  • How to get started with your conscious love making journey whether you’re single or with a partner



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