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Perfect for supporting you to meet the demands of your day, Bliss will help you access inner calm, bliss and resilience no matter what is going on in your life, providing grounded energy during the day and deep restorative sleep at night.

Our Bliss Lattés are 100% natural, caffeine-free, delicious blends of Ayurvedic herbs that help restore balance and relaxation, brought to you from one of the most ancient and highly respected cultures on earth. Blended with three options of delicious flavours into a smooth, creamy latté, Bliss works synergistically to assist a normal functioning nervous system and to help you feel more mindful and grounded. We call it ‘Bliss’ because for thousands of years these herbs have been taken by yogis to invoke the experience of Bliss during meditation, but today we can use it to access instant meditation in a cup.

No more stress, overwhelm, and exhaustion when Bliss is your secret weapon to a resilient nervous system for both an instant and cumulative long lasting calming effect.