Blissful Ayurvedic Bulletproof Coffee

Is Coffee Part of Your Morning Ritual?

For many of us, the day starts with a cup of coffee. Whether it’s the caffeine, flavour, or ritual of it, you might feel unbalanced without it and the morning incomplete. There are plenty of debates on the benefits or drawbacks of coffee, and we are not here to tell you to give up your beloved cup of coffee. Ayurveda sees all food types as potential poison or medicine. It depends on each person and the hows and whens of consumption. To understand your relationship with coffee, it can be beneficial to understand your dosha. 

Your Dosha and Coffee

Do you feel you have a fast metabolism? Would you describe yourself as anxious or easily over-stimulated? If so, then you might be Vata. Vata types may feel anxious or jumpy after a cup of coffee. Perhaps you are a competitive person with a knack for getting things done and always striving for more. Pitta doshas are mostly governed by the fire element, and so they tend to suffer more from conditions related to acidity and inflammation. Pitta types may struggle from the acidity of coffee. If you would describe yourself as laid-back or find that you can struggle with weight gain, Kapha may govern your body. If this is the case, you may find that coffee helps you get going and even lose weight. 

To understand your dosha and understand your relationship with coffee, you can determine the positive and negative ways coffee may affect you personally. Whether you find coffee gives you the boost you need or makes you feel a little anxious, this is because coffee is a stimulant. Stress hormones, or cortisol, are released and we enter a heightened state, often referred to as the flight or fight response. This response can break down our build up of ojas (OH-jas), which are the building blocks of our vitality. Stress can also deplete our DHEA, a steroid hormone which is responsible for cellular and tissue repair. 

But I Love Coffee, What Can I Do?

As mentioned already, Ayurveda isn’t about labelling food as good or bad. It has the potential to do both good and harm. However, there are some things we can do to improve upon the food that we love. This is where bulletproof coffee comes in. Bulletproof coffee incorporates DHEA by adding ghee or coconut oil to your coffee. DHEA is often considered the healthiest source of edible fat and is often credited for promoting longevity. Ayurveda points to DHEA for a number of health benefits including, improved memory and brain function, digestion help, prevention of inflammation, and even to protect the body from diseases. 

The Bulletproof Coffee Recipe: 


  • 1/2 teaspoon of One Eleven Bliss
  • 1 ½ tsp of ghee or coconut oil
  • Hot Water 
  • Coffee of your choice
  • Optional: milk of your choice 

Make your coffee as normal, but stir in Bliss and ghee or coconut oil. 

Your Coffee, Your Bliss: 

Whether you take your coffee sweet, black, or creamy, Bliss can help to mitigate any negative side effects of your daily coffee. The best part of Bliss is that it calms where you need calm and gives you a boost when you are lacking steady, clean energy. Bliss reduces stress, helps to meet challenges through clarity and focus, and releases a feeling of bliss throughout the day to take off the edge. Each dosha will benefit uniquely to their needs from BlissVata types will benefit from a sweet coffee, as the sweet taste balances vata. The Bliss bulletproof coffee can help to ease feelings of anxiety, but it is important to be mindful of moderation. The Bliss bulletproof coffee may benefit Pitta types most. The DHEA from the ghee or coconut oil will help to mitigate the acidity of coffee while Bliss will help to focus their energy. Pitta types also feel balanced through the taste of sweet, but may consider skipping any cream. 

For Kapha types, a black Bliss bulletproof coffee may suit best to negate any common struggles with congestion. Kapha will also benefit from the energy boost that Bliss bulletproof coffee can offer in terms of finding ambition and even helping with weight loss. DHEA and Bliss are both power ingredients in this coffee recipe, but is there another secret ingredient? We know very little about the coffee bean, but there have been a number of benefits found. According to Dr. John Douillard, the benefits of coffee remain the same, with or without caffeine. What is really interesting, though, is that many of the negative effects of coffee can mostly be mitigated by the addition of DHEA.

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