Holistic Beauty and Anti-Ageing with Jesse Golden

This episode is perfect for those passionate about natural health and beauty, our innate ability to self-heal or those seeking inspiration across various facets of life.

In this episode, I connect with Jesse Golden, a holistic wellness expert, self-love advocate, yoga practitioner, and the founder of Golden Secrets—an exquisite line of natural beauty products. Jesse's odyssey into the realm of well-being and self-care was ignited by her personal health challenges. Driven by a fervor for holistic healing, she embarked on a transformative journey that culminated in the creation of Golden Secrets—a platform committed to disseminating empowering insights and wellness products.

With a background as a thriving model and a prominent presence on social media, Jesse leverages her platform to inspire and educate others on self-love, mental well-being, and embracing individual uniqueness. Through Golden Secrets, she curates a selection of products and resources aimed at enhancing both physical and emotional health. Jesse's narrative embodies resilience, self-discovery, and a dedication to guiding others on their wellness journeys.

Jesse has become a profound source of inspiration for me. Beyond being a successful entrepreneur who organically built Golden Secrets from the ground up without external funding, she authentically champions holistic wellness and self-love. I personally adore the Golden Secrets beauty products—divinely natural and luxurious, reflecting Jesse's vibrancy.

In our conversation, we delve into Jesse's founding journey of Golden Secrets, her natural approach to putting rheumatoid arthritis into remission, the significance of caring for the nervous system, and the concealed toxic ingredients in personal products that can compromise our health. We also explore Jesse's intuitive approach to health, her preferred holistic beauty and wellness rituals, evening practices for deep sleep, and her natural means of attaining a radiant glow through the healing power of the sun. Additionally, Jesse shares her top anti-aging tips and more.


Jesse Golden, founder of Golden Secrets, is a notable holistic wellness expert, yogi, and self-love advocate who transitioned from a successful modeling career to establish her brand. Motivated by personal health challenges, Jesse's journey into holistic healing resulted in the creation of Golden Secrets, offering natural and luxurious beauty products. With a strong social media presence and beauty that radiates from within, she inspires others to prioritize self-love, mental well-being, and individual uniqueness. Jesse's resilience and commitment to well-being make her a compelling figure in the holistic health space, offering insights and products aimed at enhancing both physical and emotional health.


  • Jesse’s journey into founding The Golden Secrets 
  • How she was able to naturally put her rheumatoid arthritis into remission
  • The importance of caring for the nervous system
  • The hidden toxic ingredients in our personal products which sabotage our health 
  • Jesse’s intuitive approach to health
  • Her favorite holistic beauty & wellness rituals
  • Her nightly evening rituals for deep sleep
  • How she gets her golden glow naturally with the healing power of the sun
  • Jesse’s top anti-ageing tips


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