Conscious Parenting with Dr. Shefali

This episode is essential for those seeking a conscious and mindful approach to parenting or navigating their self-healing journey, using relationships as a catalyst for personal growth. Let's dive into this enlightening conversation. 

In today’s episode, we chat to Dr. Shefali, an internationally acclaimed expert in conscious parenting, transformative author, speaker, and clinical psychologist. Driven by a profound comprehension of conscious parenting principles, Dr. Shefali steers parents through a transformative journey of self-awareness and mindfulness, fostering healthier connections with their children. Her innovative approach seamlessly merges psychological insights with spiritual wisdom, offering a distinctive perspective on parenting that transcends conventional paradigms.

Renowned for her bestselling books like "The Conscious Parent" and "The Awakened Family," and most recently, “The Parenting Map,” Dr. Shefali's impactful work resonates across a diverse audience, even earning the endorsement of prominent figures such as Oprah Winfrey. Through her teachings, public speaking engagements, and online platforms, she empowers parents to cultivate profound connections with their children, creating an atmosphere of mutual growth and understanding.

We delve into the conscious parenting methodology, examining how our childhood shapes our parenting style and relationships with our children. We explore the transformative journey towards becoming better parents, unravel the essence of loving, fulfilling relationships, and provide resources for embarking on the conscious parenting expedition.


Dr. Shefali, a luminary in the realm of conscious parenting, stands as a transformative force in the world of child-rearing. A renowned clinical psychologist, author, and speaker, she possesses a profound understanding of conscious parenting principles that has revolutionized the way we approach raising children.

Her groundbreaking approach combines psychological insights with spiritual wisdom, offering a unique perspective that transcends traditional paradigms. Dr. Shefali is the acclaimed author of bestselling books, including "The Conscious Parent," "The Awakened Family," and her latest work, “The Parenting Map.” Through these literary works, she imparts invaluable wisdom, guiding parents on a journey of self-awareness and mindfulness.

Dr. Shefali's influence extends far and wide, reaching even the heights of recognition from none other than Oprah Winfrey, who is a prominent supporter of her work. This endorsement speaks volumes about the impact and resonance of Dr. Shefali's teachings.


  • The conscious parenting approach
  • How our childhood informs our parenting style and relationship with our children
  • How we can transform ourselves to become better parents
  • The key to loving fulfilling relationships
  • Resources to get started on the conscious parenting journey.



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