The Benefits of Yoga & Ayurveda

Yoga and Ayurveda are the sister sciences responsible for positively impacting the lives of so many people for thousands of years. 

Yoga is the science of Self-Realisation, and Ayurveda is the science of Life. Both of them are embedded in the inner knowing of Cosmic Consciousness, the consciousness state where Absolute awareness of Totality of the universe is experienced.

That's how the sages were able to decode both of these sciences that have their origins from the Vedic scriptures, by immersing themselves in the Truth of Nature. This knowledge is structured in consciousness.

The sages then became a channel of this Truth to bring light into this world and elevate the collective consciousness to a higher state. 

The Vedas (Ayurvedic principles)  themselves are this state of Total Knowledge and offer us practical wisdom on how to live according to the laws of dharma, what the most evolutionary thing is to be doing in any given moment.

 People in the West know about Yoga through the asana (posture) practice, but yoga is much more than asana. Asana is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Yoga is the path of Self-realisation. The path of being in this world as a vehicle of Divine Cosmic Intelligence. Yoga is the union of the individual soul (atman) with Absolute Totality (Brahman)

When we immerse ourselves in the practices of Yoga, we go through a deep purification of the physical body, the senses, and the mind to then experience this ultimate union.

The purpose of this process of naturally uniting with your true Self is for liberation.

It is to free any samskaras (scars or imprints from this life or previous lives) which enhances mental freedom leading to greater clarity of the reality of our multi-dimensional worlds.

Yoga has 8 limbs: Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi. 

  1. Yamas are the practices that we must cultivate in how we relate with the world around us. 
  • Ahimsa: The practice of compassion, of not creating harm, and of being sensitive to every living being in this world.
  • Satya: The practice of speaking only the truth and acting in accordance to truth. 
  • Asteya: The practice of not taking anything that does not belong to us.
  • Brahmacharya: The practice of using our sexual energy in the right way and the cultivation of it. 
  • Aparigraha: The practice of letting go. 
  1. Niyamas are the practices and observances towards ourselves. 
  • Saucha: The practice of seeing this body as a temple of our soul, keeping it clean and pure.
  • Santosha: The practice of inner contentment, of being in a state of gratitude. Mind-body connecting Ayurvedic herbs like One Eleven’s Bliss can assist in providing the environment for the body to reach this state.
  • Tapas: The practice of austerities or not taking ownership and attachment to our desires. 
  • Svadyaya: The practice of inner study and inner contemplation. 
  • Isvarapranidhana: The practice of surrendering to the Divine will. 
  1. Asana (Posture)

The Yoga postures that allow the energy to flow through our bodies. Allows the energy channels to be open. Allows the process of detoxification, health and radiance. Herbal formulas like 

  1. Pranayama (Breath)

The mastery of the breath. Pranayama takes us to a more subtle practice. My teacher Dr. Lad says that within the breath we get to meet the Divine.

When Ayurvedic herbal mind elixirs like Bliss are taken before the practice of pranayama, it may enhance one’s ability to connect to the subtle and meet the divine. 

  1. Pratyahara (Sense Withdrawal)

 As we go deeper into the eight limbs of Yoga, we begin to realise that the practices become subtler. Pratyahara is when we start to draw the senses internally and prepare ourselves for meditation. 

  1. Dharana (Intention or Intent)

We start to refine our internal focus. Not exactly concentration or focus, rather stable intent is enough to initiate this process towards transcendence. 

  1. Dhyana (Meditation)

The process of the mind sliding from thinking to the state of Being. Sliding from that intent into the direction of transcendence. Letting go.

Then we become completely absorbed in a meditative state. When we transcend the surface layers of the mind, we enter a higher state of consciousness. 

As you can see in this process, asana, pranayama and specific Ayurvedic herbs called “medhya” like those used in Bliss are all recommended before meditation, to release stress and de-excite the body before the meditation part, so that when it is time for meditation, one can dive deeper and quicker into the state of transcendence.

  1. Samadhi (Enlightenment)

When the Self becomes one with the Divine as we become absorbed in the ocean of Divine consciousness. 

As we explore the Yogic philosophy, we can feel its power in changing people's lives and state of consciousness. 

Ayurveda on the other hand literally is the “Science of Life.” It is the journey into harmonious relationships with everything in existence. Ayurveda is the wisdom that empowers us to live a healthy life in accordance with the rhythms of Nature. Those same rhythms are within each and every living creature, including you. 

Ayurveda explains that everything within existence is made up of the five elements:

  1. Space
  2. Air
  3. Fire
  4. Water
  5. Earth.

These elements are everywhere, and they are in a constant dance. This beautiful science offers us the opportunity to understand the microcosm of the body in order to understand the macrocosm, the Universe. This is a constant flow of curiosity and exploration. 

It is the science of relationship because it offers us the opportunity to create a relationship with each of the elements and observe the qualities of each of them. When we are able to understand this extraordinary dance then, we are able to live in harmony with Nature. 

Both of these sciences have supported so many people within their physical health, mental health, and refining their levels of consciousness. 

The Vedas have offered incredible wisdom to humanity. May we forever be grateful for all the sages and teachers that have come into this world to shine the light of cosmic wisdom. 

Wherever you are in your journey of exploring these innate, sacred, and practical sciences, keep learning, experimenting, and implementing the wisdom so you can experience total wellness and bliss.

by Daniela Ahuva

Dani has trained at the feet of her teachers in India and abroad for 10+ years. Her intention is to share their wisdom from heart to heart