Aligning with Natures Lunar Cycle

Each month we are given an opportunity for rejuvenation through the cycles of Nature. This is not only for women who go through the purification and release of their menstruation, but for men as well. This is through the Moon as it completes it’s monthly revolution. 

The waxing and waning of the Lunar energy is available for us all to connect with. In Vedic Astrology the Moon or ‘Chandra’ represents what we call SOMA- the flow of consciousness. It is healing, nourishing and governs our emotional waters. 

There is an immediate correlation between our own state and the phases of the moon due to governance over the Mind & emotions. We see the way the moon pulls the tides, and our emotional body is no different. The Moon has such an intimate relationship with our own state day to day, and in turn our level of conscious awareness. All of life is experienced through our own unique lens of consciousness and as such, becomes the primary essence of all of life. 

As the Moon gains in size, more of its surface is revealed. As a result, the Moon can reflect a greater amount of the Sun’s luminosity, and a greater flow of consciousness available to us. 

We can use this understanding to align in greater synchronicity with Nature. 

As the moon waxes, consciousness is gaining strength and in the first half of the cycle, there is support behind initiations, new ventures and launching anything of value. It’s peak reaches on the Purnima, or Full Moon, where there is maximum flow of consciousness as we consider this auspicious timing for beginnings of any kind. 

As the moon wanes, consciousness is drawn more inward. This is not necessarily the time to launch things or start new ventures, but an opportunity to deepen your internal practice. This is a period of rest & restoration. Dissolution of the old, a necessary phase we must go through if we are ever going to move into creation. Allowing the old to fall away and continue this inhalation and exhalation of life. It’s contraction & expansion, all the while moving toward what is most evolutionary. 

More so, the 11th day of the two lunar phases is called Ekadashi; and is a beneficial time of the month to fast and cleanse the body in aid of repair and rejuvenation. 

Just by looking at the natural cycles of the Cosmos, we are given a guide of how to support our health and energy levels in a way that is most supportive. To align with nature, is to gain it’s support. 

Dalia Gencher