Healing Anxiety Holistically with Georgie Collinson

This episode is for high performance people seeking better ways to adapt to the stresses of modern life - aka almost everyone - and those who are seeking to address their anxiety holistically and naturally from an expert on the topic.

In this episode, we dive into Georgie Collinson's transformative journey as Australia’s #1 holistic anxiety therapist, hypnotherapist, nutritionist, and naturopath. Known for her groundbreaking "Anxiety Reset Method" and acclaimed book, Georgie empowers individuals to conquer anxiety through practical, results-driven approaches based on personal experiences and a wealth of expertise. We discuss her holistic approach, addressing the three components of anxiety, holistic self-regulation strategies, adaptogens for stress resilience, and signs of high-functioning anxiety. Georgie's talent lies in awakening people to the unsustainable nature of their 'normal,' sparking a powerful conversation on empowerment, setting boundaries, and practical daily steps for balance. If you're navigating stress, anxiety, and a demanding schedule, this episode offers insights, mindset shifts, and actionable steps toward reclaiming balance. Tune in for a powerful change in your life!


Georgie Collinson, Australia's top holistic anxiety therapist, hypnotherapist, nutritionist, and naturopath, is a game-changer in mental well-being. With her practical "Anxiety Reset Method" and acclaimed book, Georgie empowers individuals to overcome anxiety. Specializing in high-functioning anxiety, she focuses on busy women striving for balance. Georgie, having faced anxiety and burnout herself, brings a relatable and impactful approach. Her work challenges the norm, awakening people to the possibility of feeling better than ever with commitment and self-discovery.


  • Georgie’s journey from high functioning anxiety to holistic health
  • The 3 components of addressing anxiety holistically
  • How to be with our emotions
  • Holistic self-regulation-strategies
  • Practical things we can do each day to stay in balance
  • Underlying health conditions that can contribute to or cause anxiety
  • How to support our nervous system & become more resilient to stress with adaptogens
  • Sneaky signs that you may have high functioning anxiety,
  • Shifting to empowerment and having healthy boundaries



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