Conscious Business with Nicho Plowman

This episode is a must-listen for entrepreneurs at every level—whether seasoned or just starting out. Whether you're scaling your business or launching one, this episode is packed with insights on how to harness natural laws to elevate your potential and business growth. 

Join us for an inspiring conversation as we delve into the world of conscious business and holistic well-being. In this episode, Cassie chats to Nicho Plowman, a Vedic meditation teacher, Co-Founder of Insight Timer (the largest meditation app in the world), and a visionary in the realm of conscious business.

Discover how Nicho's journey from a demanding corporate career to Vedic meditation transformed his life, health, and mindset. We explore the profound practice of Vedic meditation and its impact on personal and professional growth.

Learn about the essence of conscious business and its integration with the spiritual and the commercial aspects of life. Nicho shares his insights into co-founding Insight Timer and growing it into a global meditation app with 25 million customers, all without spending a dollar on marketing.

Discover the role of intuition in business and how your state of consciousness and physiology affect the clarity of your intuition. We explore work-life balance from a unique perspective and Nicho's top advice for business owners.

Join us as we discuss the balance between the conscious and commercial aspects of business and why Nicho only invests in businesses with founders who meditate. Explore the influence of nature on business strategies and Nicho's morning routine for optimal performance.

This episode is a must-listen for seasoned entrepreneurs and newcomers alike. Whether you're looking to elevate your business to new heights, start your entrepreneurial journey, or simply harness ancient wisdom for personal and professional growth, this conversation offers invaluable insights. Tune in and discover the keys to inner freedom, success, and expanded potential in both your inner and outer worlds.


Meet Nicho Plowman, a Vedic meditation teacher, Co-Founder of Insight Timer (the world's largest meditation app), conscious business thought leader, investor and advisor. Nicho's journey began in the high-stress corporate world, where he thrived as an international executive at ESPN in his 20s and co-founded a multi-million dollar technology software company in his 30s. However, this relentless pace left him perpetually stressed and fatigued.A decade ago, Nicho discovered the life-altering power of Vedic meditation. This ancient practice revolutionized his health, mindset, and life's trajectory, inspiring him to dedicate himself to serving others.Today, Nicho is a mentor to top-tier entrepreneurs and CEOs, leveraging his wisdom and experience to guide them. He's also a shareholder and advisor in multiple conscious businesses. Notably, he's on the cusp of unveiling a groundbreaking blockchain-based health membership platform called 108—a project that promises to reshape the landscape of well-being.


  • Cassie’s conscious business journey, and how Nicho became the first investor in One Eleven Health
  • The inception of One Eleven as a creative idea in meditation
  • The potent practice of Vedic meditation, and why it’s Nicho’s secret weapon
  • What conscious business actually is
  • How Nicho co-founded Insight Timer, and grew it to the largest meditation app in the world with 25 million customers without spending a dollar on marketing
  • The intuitive or conscious approach to business
  • How one’s state of consciousness and physiology affects the accuracy and clarity of intuition
  • Nicho’s surprisingly different take on work life balance
  • Nicho’s top advice for business owners
  • Balancing the conscious vs. commercial when it comes to business
  • Why Nicho only invests in businesses with founders who meditate
  • Learning to take cues from nature when navigating life
  • Nicho’s morning routine for optimal performance


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